Monday, August 1, 2011

Who is here so vile

Who is here so vile
that will (not) love his country?
If any, speak
For him have I offended.

With apologies to Shakespeare, I think these words most aptly describe the sentiments of the men who lead our country today. They don't care for the millions who starve, the millions who are under nourished, the millions who do not even have access to safe drinking water or sanitation facilities, far less access to education and medical care. They don't care about the lakhs of farmers who have taken their own lives, overwhelmed by the high cost - low return  farming that led them into ever deepening debt traps. They don't care about the environmental degradation that is taking place on such a massive scale ----the dead and polluted rivers, the vanishing forests and wildlife, the marauding of precious ores.They don't care about the slow destruction of the tribal cultures and ways of lives of those displaced by mega irrigation, mining and port projects.

They have no love for the country or its people, no thought for its present or future.

The only concern they have is how long they can hold on to their positions of power, and how much wealth they can accumulate, through fair means and foul, during that time. 

Therefore, when their vile acts are threatened to be exposed, they do not get shamed into silence. Nor do they do  beg the people's forgiveness for having sold their conscience for two pieces of silver. 

What do they is to warn those who threaten to expose them that all of them are partners in crime, secure in the belief that the remark will offend none, for there is no one in the country's political arena who is vile enough to love his country !! 

 "We are not afraid of discussing issues of corruption. The opposition also has too many skeletons in its cupboard.", says the country's Prime Minister !

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