Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are you a patriot?

Manish Tewari says Team Anna consists of "armchair fascists, overground Maoists, closet anarchists...lurking behind forces of right reaction and funded by invisible donors whose links may go back a long way abroad". I for one would not bother to argue with someone with a misplaced superciliousness permanently pasted on his face whether or not Team Anna is all or any or none of these. 

I would, however, like this self proclaimed defender of the nation to clarify  whether or not he is a patriot. Its not even a phrase difficult to define, unlike "fascist", "anarchist" "Maoist" etc etc. A patriot, just in case the Congress spokesperson is ignorant of the meaning, and his actions lead me to so believe, is someone who is proud of his country for what it does, and is eager to correct its deficiencies, as distinct from a nationalist who is proud of his country no matter what it does . 

No patriot would be blind to the fact that India is sinking deeper every day into the morass of corruption, and that the ordinary citizen is finding it more and more difficult with every passing day to live a life of dignity. No patriot  would question the imperative need for strong action to be taken to root out corruption, or the ordinary citizen's right to demand such action of the government. No patriot would rail against ordinary citizens who make that demand. To the contrary, he would feel impelled to join forces with them. 

Team Anna is a group of ordinary citizens who, with patriotic zeal, have been vociferously demanding of the government that meaningful action be taken to eradicate the scourge of corruption. One may argue about the merits of the anti-corruption measures they are advocating, but no patriot would attempt to weaken and destabilise the powerful citizens' movement which Team Anna has ignited by hurling misleading labels at them. Such action smacks of utter disregard for the responsibility that every patriot has ------ to correct the deficiencies that his country suffers from.

Hence my question to Manish Tewari ------ are you a patriot?


  1. Reacting to men like Manish Tiwari is doing a favour to them, I realised this when Shiv Sena was ruling Maharashtra in the last decade.

    While Uddhav and Raj Thackeray made tons of money by physical extortion from businessmen, Shiv Saniks were let loose on respected citizens like Dilip Kumar and M.F.Hussain. The 'intellectuals' then discussed and debated the acts of Shiv Sainiks and criticised them. That was the trap. They didn't ask why extortion and corruption in Maharashtra is touching new heights during Shivshahi - rule like Shivaji.

    Congress has adopted the same trick - we discuss statements of Manish Tiwari, whereas the real issue is different.

    Here is a story -
    A class teacher had to go leave to get a major surgery done. Before she proceeded on leave, she told the class that Mr. X is a 'bad boy', he writes letters to me and makes them public and doesnot obey me. So donot talk to him. The monitor of the class was a good boy but he never disobeyed Ma'am. That 'bad boy' started a campaign in which boys and girls of that town joined in big numbers and started questioning the methods decided by the Class teacher. Now, none of the students of that Class could speak to that 'bad boy' to resolve the matter, as Madam had told them not to speak to him. Further, if one tried to speak and resolve the matter, other students would complain to the Ma'am. So the tamasha continued ........

  2. Very true ----MT is the symptom, not the disease ----but even while the disease is cured, the symptoms must be addressed, don't you think?

  3. Yes, very correct, while fighting and facing a disease, symptoms have to be noted for debate when addressed.

  4. Indeed a very good Question & musing...

    Replies ( from the heart) could be Opportunist, Pragmatist, Elitist interested in making life & living worthwhile....

    If these be the face / act of 'Patriots' don't know who can save India without neutralising all such people bonded to 'The Family'
    all know why ?
    Like a certain section for whom religion comes b4 everything, for these the family comes 1st, then themselves, or vice versa, then maybe 'Bharat" ...

    Good Musings...

  5. Maam u being an IRS officer knw the if's n but's of the govt!

    But i would like to knw from u a answer to a simple question:

    Why is corruption there in the society and who creates it?